• “[“Burn & Shine” The South Austin Moonlighters] Featuring Lonnie Trevino Jr., Phil Hurley, and Phil Bass, the South Austin Moonlighters are one of the best bands in Austin right now. Mixing the best of Southern Rock, Soul, 70s R&B, and Funk, these guys are the real deal, often evoking great bands like Little Feat and the Allmann Brothers. Lonnie Trevino has a rich, outstanding voice that is shown to real advantage on this CD. “Burn and Shine” will transport listeners to another time, when albums were the soundtracks to listener’s lives. It’s a stunner.”

    - Gina Sigillito, “The 10 CDs that Rocked Austin in 2014” Examiner.com Arts & Entertainment

  • “Land Mines from the CD ‘Burn & Shine’ named one of the best on Favorite Local Songs Of 2014!”

    - KLBJ Local Licks, host Loris Lowe

  • “The South Austin Moonlighters are a shining light in the Americana [genre] heaven and show a true evolution of the style. The band also delivers proof that you can get the best of great role models in life and can create the same through clever fusions of edge varieties to create sparkling new designs. One can not get enough of of this CD, with so much enthusiasm and ingenuity.”

    - Heino Walter of cdstarts.de/musikreview German 

  • “Fifteen great tracks which masterfully snake through the entire roots-rock and Americana-cosmos, “Burn & Shine” is certainly a great first effort for SOUTH AUSTIN MOONLIGHTERS. The more these four combine their talents, as well as their four different musical influences, the result should be more great albums in the fortune.”

    - Frank Ipach of Hooked On Music Media/News/Publishing German

  • “The South Austin Moonlighters offer us yet another way of understanding “Texamericana”. You will enjoy (during its nearly fifty minutes) the blending of several musical genres with each of the cuts of the album that is quite varied stylistically and highly recommended. The career experience of each members of the band is top level and these musicians have managed to reflect their extensive knowledge of all genres in every groove of this album, Burn & Shine, their debut effort. We hope this will be the beginning of a long recording career.”

    - Fat Professor of Renacer Electrico Music Mag

  • “With all four members contributing songs and lead vocal duties, one might fear that we would end up with a convoluted grab bag of mismatched tunes. Instead, the South Austin Moonlighters have crafted a wonderfully diverse, yet satisfying blend of styles and sounds that end up being something completely new and refreshing.”

    - Robbie Klanderman of Klanderman Promotions

  • “Burn & Shine is filled to the brim with great songs, great performances and charismatic musicians with a wide stylistic range and a palpable love of music. The album is a strong testament to the power of Texamericana rock and it will turn the South Austin Moonlighters into a hot property far outside of Austin and spread their name all over Europe.”

    - Edgar Heckmann of Blue Rose Records

  • “A southside collective of songwriters modeled loosely on the template established by Saxon supergroup the Resentments a decade ago, the S.A.Moonlighters take a big step with “Burn & Shine,” their first studio album (following a live disc recorded at the Saxon in 2012). Former members of Mother Truckers, Stonehoney and Monte Montgomery’s touring band collaborate on an eclectic mix of rock, soul, funk, blues, country and more; whereas the previous live disc was highlighted by covers, they’re now bringing their own material to the fore. Highly Recommended.”

    - Peter Blackstock Austin360

  • “Well, this is my new favorite band! I haven’t heard this kind of music in a long time. I’m in love with it!”

    - John Aielli of Eklekitkos KUTX 98.9 FM

  • “Moonlighters were one of the TOP shows of 2011 in Luckenbach! The energy is great, the song selections, vocals and musicianship can’t be beat. These guys are pros and they are there to make the audience have a good time.”

    - Abbey, Talent buyer Luckenbach Events

  • “A classic two guitar rock quartet, The South Austin Moonlighters have individually plied their trades with artists as diverse as Gatemouth Brown, [to] Lisa Loeb.  [Bassist] Lonnie Trevino Jr is one of Austin’s most in-demand groove providers, and he deftly anchors this varied collection of tunes with expertise, finesse, and passion. More of that please!  Well done!”

    - Phil Stoneman, Bass Player Magazine BP Recommends Oct. 2014

  • “[The South Austin Moonlighters] cover a ton of stylistic ground on their debut [Studio CD “Burn & Shine”], with gritty blues, nasty funk, R&B, pop, rock, and more cropping up along the way. DANG dudes! The highest recommendation!”

    - Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine Editors’ Faves July 2014 

  • “The sound they found is not the Texas-style country rock that you might expect from an Austin band. Instead, this album showcases the quartet’s mastery of a diversity of styles, from the Beatles-esque harmonies and psychedelic influences of “Land Mines” and the funk of “Find My Way Back” to the alt-rock of “Kings of Friday Night,” the old-school classic rock of the ballad “Falling Out of Love” and the barroom blues of “One More Time.”

    Press Play: Marin-bred guitarist and South Austin Moonlighters release debut album

    - Paul Liberatore ~ Marin Independent Journal “Press Play”

  • “The South Austin Moonlighters are one of my favorite bands. With every song each member of the band brings excellence to the mix, both musically and lyrically.”

    - Paula Nelson ~ KDRP Live – Paula Nelson Band

  • “It’s hard enough to get this many talented guys in one room much less on the same stage. The first time I saw them I could feel the energy and really enjoyed seeing that they were having as much fun as the packed house was. “

    - Joe Ables of The Saxon Pub

  • “The musicians are real, the music is real, and most importantly to the band, the joy is real. The South Austin Moonlighters know they have found a good thing and it is obvious that their audience does too. If the packed house is any indication, it does not look like either the band or the audience will be giving it up any time soon.”

    - Ellen Von Essen of austinfusionmagazine.com

  • “The South Austin Moonlighters started as a collaboration of all stars but seems to be settling into way more than that from my point of view. The key as I see it is the total unselfish attitude amongst the four men who seem to be only trying to push each other to make the live experience that much better!”

    - Eddie Ferranti of houstonmusicreview.com

  • “What began as a way to let loose between regular gigs has turned into something more serious, with gospel harmonies that evoke the Band of Heathens. In fact, like the Heathens, the Moonlighters travel the Americana highway with taste and a manner that’s good-natured and down to earth.”

    - Jim Caligiuri of The Austin Chronicle

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You guys were awesome as always last night at Six Strings. Thanks for making the trip up here. ... See MoreSee Less

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01/18: South Austin Moonlighters at Hill Top Cafe!

January 18, 2018, 5:30pm - January 18, 2018, 9:30pm

The South Austin Moonlighters return to Hill Top Cafe! Phil Bass, Chris Beall, Phil Hurley, and Lonnie Trevino Jr. are four of Austin's most in-demand musicians. What happens when they team up? Well, you just gotta see it to believe it. Trust us - you don't want to miss this one. Doors @ 5:30 PM, Music @ 7:30 PM For Reservations: (830) 997-8922, reservation@hilltopcafe.com Success for this “True Americana” ensemble has been about embracing a supergroup ethos while shunning supergroup egos. At their best, the band represents not just what’s right about the Austin TX music community but about live music as a whole. And they’re only getting better. When Phil Bass, Chris Beall, Phil Hurley, and Lonnie Trevino Jr, four established Austin TX musicians, decide to join forces and play together just because it’s fun, you’re going to get something special. Such is the case for The South Austin Moonlighters, a band that blends blues, folk, soul, rock, and country, who can flip the switch from slow melodic country to gravelly rocking blues without a hitch. Think Little Feat meets Los Lobos with a splash of The Flying Burrito Bros, and you start to peel away the many musical layers of sound that makes up the S.A.M. Using a four part harmony at times accompanied with some brilliant guitar playing, S.A.M. plays with a full-bodied sound, and puts off an aura of down to earth Southern Blues and Country Rock, that can make even coldest days seem warm. The Band consist of Lonnie Trevino Jr – Bass & Vocals, Phil Hurley – Guitar & Vocals, Phil Bass – Drums & Vocals, and Chris Beall – Guitar & Vocals. The Band mainly does Originals songs in their set and for the love of music, they throw in choice Covers that fans and newbie fans absolutely love. The Bands origin manifested when Lonnie Trevino Jr had the idea of putting together a side group (where they could all “moonlight” on their steady gigs-thus the band’s name), just for the pure joy of playing music. Since then SAM have self-released three CD’s that have garnered “Highest Recommendations” from venue owners and national publications alike for SAM’s “Live At The Saxon Pub” released Nov. 2012, studio album debut “ Burn & Shine” released Feb. 2014, and the newest release, July 2016’s Ghost Of A Small Town. The joy of music making, the band shares, is a tangible and contagious part of Moonlighters’ shows, which made it effortless for them to quickly build a solid fan base through their Austin residencies and regional travels. During SXSW 2012, buyers from as far away as Europe were anxious to catch a bit of the South Austin Moonlighters’ “magic” thus resulted in signing with German Lable Blue Rose Records releasing “Burn & Shine” Aug. 1st 2014 in Europe and Scadinavia with plans for a summer release of Ghost Of A Small Town in the afore mentioned areas. The inspiration of SAM stems from the band members’ mutual respect and admiration for each other’s skill and mastery of their instrument. Musicians are always seeking out others who inspire them and challenge them to improve. This group is an amazing example of what can happen when you put a bunch of talented guys in one room with an emphasis on joy and no egos involved. And now be prepared to witness The JOY that is The South Austin Moonlighters!

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Thu Feb 1 at Cottonwood Houston TX, 7pm Start, 2 sets!, No Cover ... See MoreSee Less

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Sat Jan 27 at Bull O' The Woods Saloon, Red River, New Mexico, 8pm Start, $5 Cover ... See MoreSee Less

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"Ghost of a Small Town" now available! Click here to get yours!