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“South Austin Moonlighters is a band that was established in the Texas music mecca in 2011 by four musicians with a more than decent record. Singer guitarist Phil Hurley moved from Boston to Austin. Bassist Trevino Jr. in Austin was active with bluesman Mike Zito and toured Monte Montgomery with drummer Phil bass rhythm section, and Josh Zee, of the Mother Truckers. In 2014 the four musicians produced a promising debut, Burn & Shine.
In 2016 Josh Zee has been replaced by Chris Beall a veteran with two solo albums to his credit. Besides an excellent singer, He is the perfect companion for guitar tension with Hurley and has now become a full member of the band. Like the other band members, he also contributes songs. Beall sets the bar high with A Year Of Decembers, again the interlocking guitars and glorious singing from the first song playing on a familiar, rocking southern roots pattern. A little further on the album the newcomer raises brows with Suburban Avenue, a mid-tempo country rocker and Fallin ‘Down.
Hurley follows with Movin ‘On which clearly harks back to the heyday of the West Coast of the seventies, with the melodious rocking folk-pop of You, Love, and Me, and turn the ballad Final Line. In between are Trevino Jr.’s extremely charming songs with funky rhythm lines crossed with soul rock of I’ll Be Coming Home, She’s So Far Away is a supercharged southern rock number, while Lookin For A Lover would not fall out of place in the repertoire of Los Lobos.
The title sounds very promising and Phill Bass’s song lives up to expectations effortlessly with (Lyin’ On The Bottom) Mississippi River, dark swamp rock with piercing slide guitars. The singing drummer also sings lead on Hold On joint composed by the band that is powered by echoing guitars. This number will undoubtedly be transformed into a long drawn-out jams during the concerts.
Closing of the album, and without a doubt helping to carry on the tradition by subsequently adopting the tune, is the song Jesus (Make Up My Dying Bed). Originally recorded by blues pioneers like Charlie Patton and Blind Willie Johnson who introduced the traditional versions, and latter by Led Zeppelin. Seamlessly followed on the super short, hypnotic instrumental title track. The versatile quartet from Austin is ready for the stage.”