Rein van den Berg of Johnny’s Garden.NL

“Music that pleases me most is music that challenges. A prerequisite it is not. I get a daily ample dose, between 8 am and 5pm, of challenges in which the level of abstraction is being stretched, so straight forward pleasure is a welcome change. That is Not a disadvantage for the musicians of The South Austin Moonlighters, as I like them very much.
This CD is a professional and musical experience. The music they’ve produced is molded and made up of elements that are as enjoyable to the ear as humanly possible. According to their site, they form a bond that produces an ideal mix of blues, folk, soul, rock and country. They only need to play with their DNA and shake, and in an instant a sound from their proverbial sleeves that evoke references to The Eagles, Little Feat and Los Lobos. A lazy comparison, I admit it, because frankly I think this CD Ghost of a Small Town pulls all the stops. I’ll Be Coming Home is an example of these men easily creating a party funk song. S.A.M. is an all-rounder!
This is an album that has everything it takes to rank as a americana record par excellence, albeit with a somewhat familiar charge. I dodge emphatically the word “traditional,” because the equations allow this band to draw from the music of the seventies with their powerful playing style, and precise use of harmonies. Overused? Not in the Least!
“You, Love and Me, well we are not good company, so I am drinking tonight with my ol ‘friend misery.” Tongue and cheek plus music and entertainment, as the grief splashes out of the speakers, you almost feel bad for smiling and dancing.
The strength of the band lies in the interplay and ease with which they perform with each other. Am convinced that when you witness these guys they are not playing these songs note for note on a stage, or performing for their own personal pleasure. These men come to you to please their audience. The fact that they themselves experience pleasure while playing seems obvious. Recognizable music in style, but no flat copies, because there is enough originality. Each band member brings his experience and background. Phil Bass, drummer who also sings, adds Southern Blues nuances, while bassist Trevino is the groove and rhythm man. It is this joint energy which forms the jam song Hold On from the clouds. Ghost of a Small Town is straightforward listening pleasure. Don’t spend too much to time trying to define it, enjoy it!”