John Gjaltema of Alt-Country-NL

“Blue Eyed Soul with hints of Country Rock is all over the new album “Ghost Of A Small Town” by The South Austin Moonlighters (Blue Rose Records / Sonic Rendezvous). Other hints can be pretty funky, as can be heard on I’ll Be Coming Home. The Band scrape the bottom of the muddy Mississippi in the greasy (Lyin ‘On The Bottom) Mississippi River. And somewhere in the distance you hear from Papa Was A Rolling Stone in Lookin ‘For A Lover. With this, one might have a little concerned that Lonnie Trevino (bass, vocals), Chris Beall (guitar, vocals), Phil Hurley (guitar, vocals) and Phil Bass (drums, vocals) have little originality on this record, but at the same time one can also say that these four great songwriters are harkening back to familiar sounds. The best example of this can be heard on Movin ‘On, a song very much reminiscent of The Eagles Already Gone, and yet with the band’s effortless smooth ability to play, as a listener, you truly can look past that concern with this joyous listening experience.”