Jan Janssen of Real Roots Cafe

“The South Austin Moonlighters consist of Lonnie Trevino Jr.. (Bass), Phil Bass (drums), Phil Hurley (guitar) and Chris Beall (guitar). All members write songs and sing. To make a long story short, the German label Blue Rose Records hits the bullseye again with this Americana outfit. And with good company of other US acts on Blue Rose Records; The Band of Heathens, Deadman and Shurman. Now it’s The South Austin Moonlighters turn.
It’s been two years since their debute Burn & Shine was released, Ghost Of A Small Town emits a strong bold sound that will strike well within the Americana circuit. The song Year Of Decembers is a nice opener. Nothing against the other singers, Chris Beall’s voice speaks to me the most. I’ll Be Coming Home reveals a sharp and very fine rhythm section. After the swampy (Lyin ‘On The Bottom) Mississippi River a brilliant transition will follow the danceable country rocker You, Love, And Me. The most impressive part of this band is the extremely precise harmony vocals. The band generates a clever ambience here on this CD, and will please the listener in one way or another. It grabs you and some songs will not let you go.
Of The South Austin Moonlighters CD’s, will Ghost Of A Small Town now gain this band a big enough stage in the Netherlands is the real question. This is not a band that you just set up in some corner of a pub. How stupid would that be? Mature music deserves a Mature stage.”